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Local Family Business Established in Biggleswade in 1909

Our Latest Building Projects

The examples below offer a quick, pictorial, example of the stages in some of our recent projects. These are updated often so please visit again soon. Pictures are also updated onto our Facebook page live from the site, so make sure you hit the 'Like' button to keep up to date.

Kitchen Upgrade

We undertook this kitchen re-design and upgrade in early 2020.

A restruction of existing kitchen by moving a few units around plus supply of a few additional carcasses, replacing original doors with new 'shaker style' hand painted doors and replace original laminate worktop with quartz. Stainless steel sink removed and under-mounted composite sink installed with brushed chrome mixer tap and water softener unit.

New appliances installed which includes 3/4 height fridges directly below 2 single oven units, wall cabinet microwave unit and central island constructed with housing for 2 low level freezers and 2 drawer units plus a breakfast bar area.

Amtico flooring laid and new LED strip lighting fitted under the cabinets and around the plinths, plus 3 copper hanging lights over the island.

Kitchen Upgrade 2020 5
Kitchen Upgrade 2020 6
Kitchen Upgrade 2020 7
Kitchen Upgrade 2020 1
Kitchen Upgrade 2020 2
Kitchen Upgrade 2020 3
Kitchen Upgrade 2020 4

Garden Design and Landscaping in Biggleswade

We undertook this garden re-design and landscaping in early 2016 in Biggleswade.

Below is a general description of each image.

Images 1 and 2 - Finished garden from above.

Image 3 - Artificial grass with beds to the side. (Artificial grass with consolidated hardcore and sand bed, approx 80m area).

Image 4 - Solid Indian-sandstone ball water feature with pump.

Image 5 - Oak sleeper raised beds infilled with soil and finished with a plum slate covering. (Oak sleepers x 30, topsoil, weed membrane, slate covering).

Image 6 - Scandinavian softwood decking adjacent to the artificial grass. (Approximately 15m area).

Image 7 - Raised beds filled with an arrangement of shrubs.

Image 8 - Treated arch slatted-fencing panels on treated softwood timber posts.

Image 9 - Indian-sandstone paving forming the patio area.

Image 10 - Glass roofed conservatory with bifold doors. (uPVC conservatory fitted with bi-fold doors and heat reflective glass roof, brickwork, concrete base and tile finished floor with underfloor heating system.

Biggleswade Garden Landscaping 1
Biggleswade Garden Landscaping 2
Biggleswade Garden Landscaping 3
Biggleswade Garden Landscaping 4
Biggleswade Garden Landscaping 5
Biggleswade Garden Landscaping 6
Biggleswade Garden Landscaping 7
Biggleswade Garden Landscaping 8
Biggleswade Garden Landscaping 9
Biggleswade Garden Landscaping 10

Refurbishment of Biggleswade Rugby Club Lounge Bar

This most recent project revolved around the refurbishment of the lounge bar which overlooks the Squash courts at Biggleswade Rugby Club.

The building was erected around the mid 1970's and was in dire need of modernisation and refurbishment.

We were contracted to undertake all of the building, electrical and decorating work on this project.

The original ceiling in the bar and lounge area was a suspended grid system ceiling with acoustic tile finish. These were removed to reveal a mass of wiring and deflected roof supports! New tiumber joists were positioned to form a new level ceiling, and a complete new lighting system of LED downlighters was wired into the new ceiling void. These lights were incorporated into a new plasterboard ceiling which was then plaster skimmed.

The walls were stripped of all the old wallpaper and then re-skimmed.

New uPVC windows were installed to replace the old timber frames, and the glass overlooking the Squash courts was removed and replaced with laminated safety glass.

The old radiator system was stripped and new, larger more efficient radiators installed.

The lower section of all walls was then carcased out and timber clad to form a panelled finish, with the radiators behind screens in the panelling. The top of the panelling was shelved to offer an area to rest your pint glass.

A false chimney breast was built to eventually house an electric woodburner and large flatscreen TV.

The bar was panelled to match the walls and new storage shelves constructed for behind the bar area which will eventually be used to stock a range of 'nibbles'and 'spirits'. Miniature LED downlights were installed around the bar front to offer a warm cozy feel.

All the surfaces were then decorated. The ceilings emulsioned in White, the top of the walls emulsioned in a pale Cream, and the panelling given a satin-gloss finish in Caramel.

Finally new carpets were laid in the lounge area, vinyl 'Karndean' flooring around the bar with new seating, sofas and tables. These were all provided by another supplier.

Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 1
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 2
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 3
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 4
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 5
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 6
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 7
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 8
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 9
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 10
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 11
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 12
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 13
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 14
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 15
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 16
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 17
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 18
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 19
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 20
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 21
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 22
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 23
Biggleswade Rugby Club Refurb 24

Bungalow Renovation in Shefford

This latest project involved taking a Bungalow which had stood empty for several years and completely updating it.

Several internal walls were removed and repositioned in order to improve the flow of the property.

The original toilet was altered and an entrance cut through from the adjacent bedroom, it was then fitted out as an en-suite for that room. Space from another bedroom was then adapted and integrated wardrobes were able to be produced for the new master bedroom.

The old kitchen and dining rooms were knocked through into one area and a modern kitchen-dining space produced with integrated dishwasher, fridge and tower oven, one of the new wall cupboards was adapted as a housing cupboard for the new heating system's boiler unit, and the rear window replaced to provide French-door access to the rear garden.

The lounge French-doors were replaced with a new window, and the chimney opened up to take a woodburner stove.

The original bathroom was enlarged and access formed direct from the hallway with the new bathroom being fully fitted with cabinetry, sanitaryware, tiled walls and floors.

The dining room floor and hallway floor where finished off with solid Oak timber floor, and all the internal doors throughout the property where replaced with Oak panel doors.

New uPVC windows and a composite front entrance door were installed.

Bungalow Renovation Shefford 1
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 2
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 3
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 4
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 5
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 6
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 7
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 8
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 9
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 10
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 11
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 12
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 13
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 14
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 15
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 16
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 17
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 18
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 19
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 20
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 21
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 22
Bungalow Renovation Shefford 23

House Extension in Biggleswade

This project involved constructing a ground floor extension to the rear of the property, and a double storey extension to the side incorporating a garage.

Although the internal alterations are not shown in this collection, the images offered hopefully give an insight into the way we try to keep a property clean and tidy throughout the building process.

After all, to us it may be a building site, to you it’s your home.

Extension Biggleswade 1
Extension Biggleswade 2
Extension Biggleswade 3
Extension Biggleswade 4
Extension Biggleswade 5
Extension Biggleswade 6
Extension Biggleswade 7
Extension Biggleswade 8
Extension Biggleswade 9
Extension Biggleswade 10
Extension Biggleswade 11
Extension Biggleswade 12
Extension Biggleswade 13
Extension Biggleswade 14
Extension Biggleswade 15
Extension Biggleswade 16
Extension Biggleswade 17

Loft Conversion in Biggleswade

This project involved converting an existing double storey property to make it into a three storey property. Not so straightforward as some as the original roof was not high enough and had to be completely removed. This may seem a major process to go through, but when you think it eventually provided a 50% increase to the accommodation areas of the house, it was well work the effort. A large master bedroom with ample built-in storage was added, as well as a very large en-suite facility.

Loft Conversion Biggleswade 1
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 2
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 3
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 4
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 5
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 6
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 7
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 8
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 9
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 10
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 11
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 12
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 13
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 14
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 15
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 16
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 17
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 18
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 19
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 20
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 22
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 23
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 24
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 25
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 26
Loft Conversion Biggleswade 27
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Our Terms of Work

In 99% of cases we never ever take money in advance of work commencement.The only exception to this is when specialist materials or services are required at the very early stage of a contract, or in the case of our Snagging Report Service where 50% is paid in advance when booking, with the final 50% being paid in advance of the report being emailed. On smaller construction jobs you will not generally get an invoice until all work is completed. With contracts extending over 4 weeks or more we issue monthly invoices.

All of our work carries a personal guarantee, and as we work mainly within our local community it would not be good practice to do anything other than provide a service people are happy with. We are a long established family business, and wherever possible we source our materials locally or use sub-contract trades, (the majority of whom we have worked with for many years), from within the local community.

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