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New Build Snagging Reports

With more than half of all new build buyers experiencing problems or ‘snagging issues’, 4% of which posed a health and safety risk, 18% compromising the buildings integrity and 72% being due to general lack of care caused by sub-standard workmanship. Getting a list of snagging issues to your developer within a given timeframe provides you with an increased chance of getting all matters attended to swiftly and efficiently before they escalate or become your problem to rectify.

Having recently purchased a new build property myself I am fully aware of the lengths developers will go to in avoiding rectification of issues. If problems are not raised and pursued the developer certainly won’t be pointing them out to you!

With nearly 40 years of experience in the building trade myself, and coming from a family who have worked in the industry over 5 generations since 1909, I feel I am perfectly positioned to provide a service that gives you both photographic evidence and a written report detailing issues within and around your property.

This information can be passed on to the developer with the knowledge that you are pointing out problems that need rectification, with a little background information on the solution required. Having this type of information can make for a smoother process when negotiating remedial works to be carried out efficiently.

Our service costs will be structured on the basis of house size as follows:

1 Bed
£240 + VAT
2 Bed
£285 + VAT
3 Bed
£350 + VAT
4 Bed
£450 + VAT
5 Bed
£525 + VAT

*Larger properties will receive specific quotations and all prices are based on properties within a 25 mile radius of our office, addition distances will be quoted at time of enquiry*

For your fee you will receive between 1 or 2 hours at the property where photographs and notes will be taken, followed up by 1 or 2 hours (dependant on property size) where reports will be written up and emailed out to you within 48 hours of inspection.

A paper copy along with the original photographic SD card will be posted to you to back up the emailed report.

This is a report only service but can be upgraded to a video tour report, meetings with developers, or quotations for the repair costs. These services would be at an additional cost and could be quoted if required.

*Please note we are not tendering for repair work, any quotations are purely to give you a guide to the cost when discussing matters with the developer*.

A report of this nature could potentially save you the costs that might arise if issues were not raised and subsequently remedied by the developers.

If you suspect there are issues with your new build or you just want peace of mind or more information please email us at info@prkbuilders.co.uk with the subject heading ‘Snagging Report’, or use our contact form.

Some Typical Snagging Issues
Snagging Report - Poor Silicone
Poor Silicone Finish
Snagging Report - Unfinished Plastering
Unfinished Plastering
Snagging Report - Insufficient Fixing
Insufficient Fixing
Snagging Report - Leaking Valve
Leaking/Rusty Valve
Snagging Report -Missing Caps
Missing Caps
Snagging Report - Scratched Hob
Scratched Hob